The Seventh-day Sabbath
God's Special Day

Bible Study

Erwin Gane: What Does the Sabbath have to do With Salvation?

Erwin Gane: How, when and why was the Sabbath changed from Saturday to Sunday?

Bible Study on Honoring God the Creator

Sabbath in the Bible: Romans 14:5 (The Word "alike" does not appear in the original text)

Sabbath in the Bible: Colossians 2:14 (No part of the moral law could be construed to be a "shadow")

Sabbath in the Bible: Acts 20:7; 1 Cor. 16:2 (Paul spoke Saturday night because he left on his journey Sunday morning)

Another Bible study on the Sabbath
Video Resources

Hal Holbrook, History of the Seventh-day Sabbath: God's Special Day

Sabbath Keeping: How to Keep God's Special Day

Shawn Boonstra: Sabbath and Creation

Shawn Boonstra: A Better Way to Rest

Doug Batchelor: Written in Stone

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White Horse Media: Sabbath Information


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