Frank Phillips
His Robe Or Mine

Frank Phillips' His Robe Or Mine was written in the early 1980s and was unsuccessfully submitted for publication to several publishers. Eventually he sent a copy of the manuscript to me, which I read, was greatly blessed by, added greatly to my understanding of righteousness by faith and what it means on a practical basis, and enabled me to start teaching on the subject in the various churches that I was a part of. Thinking his family and others had successfully gotten it published, having lost track of Pastor Phillips-literally scanning the obituary pages of church publications for his name to find a place of contact, I filed the manuscript away for twenty years. Then, through providential circumstances, his daughter was located and she granted permission for the book to be published and made available. Since that time more than 100,000 copies have been printed and distributed at no cost. It is also available in multiple languages at

His Robe Or Mine (downloadable pdf)

Introduction The Wedding Garment
Chapter 1, Confidential! Top Secret Information
Chapter 2. Perfectly Legal
Chapter 3, How Good is Perfect
Chapter 4, Graveyard Religion
Chapter 5, Christians Are Born, Not Made
Chapter 6, From Justification To What?
Chapter 7, Ladders Are For Climbing
Chapter 8, A Solid Foundation "Add To Your Faith"
Chapter 9, Let's Broaden The Foundation "Virtue"
Chapter 10, Power Supply Unlimited "Knowledge"
Chapter 11, First Things First "Temperance"
Chapter 12, Patience: God's Perfect Work
Chapter 13, No Stopping Place
Chapter 14, What, No More Competition?
Chapter 15, Love Unlimited
Chapter 16, Was Jesus Tempted Just Like We Are?
Chapter 17, Follow Me
Chapter 18, Abide In Me
Frank Phillips' "Circle" Handout
Frank Phillip's "Ladder" Handout

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